How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs

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What readers are saying about How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs:

"Thank you - thank you. God Bless you. I just felt such relief, almost like a rescue. After reaching out to so many and now finally, to find what I have been searching for - a practical and sensible how-to book about this drug issue. I can't tell you how grateful I feel.

"I keep it out in my living room as a reference."   -  L. Turnage, Hot Springs Village, Ark.

"Now I know what to do. I was smoking weed pretty regularly, and doing Ecstasy sometimes. But I've quit all that and I'll never go back."   -  H. Boggs, Alexandria, VA

"This is an important book. It is such a worthwhile piece of work. It's a book that has to be read."   -  Nancy Smoller, Book Clearing House, Harrison, N.Y.

"I liked the book very much. I recommend it to friends and family. Thanks for the help in raising healthy children!"   -  Suzanne M., Pasadena, CA

"Well written, easy to read, with lots of useful info on drugs and kids. Any parent would do well to read this. The book could even be titled How To Be A Better Parent."   -  T. Lovejoy, Centreville, VA

"I would like to thank Lisa for writing a book with so many tools to use.

"I have a 2-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. I would hate to see them go on the wrong path.

"My son is going through the terrible 2's and its a nightmare. It's really driving me bananas!! Reading this book has made me realize that he only does things because he is curious and is experiencing new levels in his toddler years.

"Instead of punishing him...I have realized that I can teach him and make him feel productive as opposed to yelling and putting him on time-outs all the time.

"My daughter now helps me cook and helps me wash the dishes. I hate to have her do this, but it's something that she enjoys and feels completely satisfied knowing that she has helped me with chores around the house. It makes me happier to see her feeling so useful in the sense of helping mommy out, rather than just picking up her toys which is a daily routine.

"Reading this book has really taught me how to see things at a different angle. If you put this into action it really works.

"I had the privilege to meet Lisa Fine and she's such an amazing person.

"I recommend others reading this book. You're not only going to find information on how to keep your children off drugs but also on how to make them feel productive and how to encourage them into doing things that will make them feel awesome.

"Thank you."   -  Wendy, Los Angeles, CA

"I quit smoking. I realized what I was doing to myself, so now I live without the pain of smoke-filled lungs. Your book reinforced everything I knew and felt about the future. Things are better for me, now.   -  Josh R., Pocatello ID

"It has a lot of good stuff in it."   -  Ms. Alexander (age 11), Florissant, Missouri

"I hope that as many people as possible read it. It is a wealth of information for people at a loss with their children. My six-year-old now begs for jobs, and she is a very happy little girl.

"My 13-year-old daughter wanted a computer of her own, so we helped her get was with our local veterinarian. She has become invaluable to them and she is seriously considering becoming one, herself. The other thing she does for extra cash is babysitting and the third thing is teaching small children how to ride horses! She managed to save the money in a very short time and got herself a beautiful computer with all the extras, and even had enough left over to buy a desk and chair! She was so proud of herself, and now she is starting to save for a horse of her own. Your book really helped us."   -  Ting Howell, Netherlands, Antilles

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