How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs

look to the future

For Your Kids

I really wrote this book mainly for your kids. If you raise your kids in a way that they can be everything they're capable of, you'll be doing your best by your kids, and for the future. And your life with your kids will be much happier. You'll treat them well. They'll treat you well. Life will be good.

When you raise your kids using what you learn here, here's what your kids get:

  • How to stop being "just a kid" and start being an incredibly worthwhile member of the family
  • How to handle some problems using communication
  • How they can make themselves feel better if they're ever feeling down
  • How they can do more for the family, make a parent happy, and feel good
  • How to be successful in life
  • How to set goals
  • How to plan out how to achieve a goal
  • How to reach goals
  • How drugs will screw them over
  • How drugs would affect their attitude towards life
  • How drugs would kill their ability to love

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