How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs

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How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs gives you the tools you need to break off the chains when you're ready. It gives you the knowledge you need to find out what's behind it all, and what you can do about it.

Here's what you get:

  • Find out why anyone starts taking a drug
  • Find out what can be done about the problems causing drug use (yes, I'm serious)
  • Find out how to make yourself feel better anytime you want, without drugs
  • Find out why somebody gives up on an important interest and what they can do about it
  • Find out what vitamin gets eaten up with drug or alcohol use and what this has to do with depression
  • Find out how to learn how to help someone get out of pain (I don't teach this, but you can find out how to do it for about $5. For real.)
  • Find out the important facts about leading a better, happier life
  • Find out how to get off drugs using all natural methods, successfully (I do include details of how to do this)
  • Find out that real solutions don't involve getting you addicted to a new drug, and who really profits from this (hint: it isn't you)
  • Learn things that will help you get stronger, instead of weaker

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