How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs

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How To Keep Your Kids Off Drugs gives you a complete parenting toolkit.

Here's what you get:

  • How to make your kid happier. You'll feel better, you'll enjoy being together more, and you'll get more help, as a result. You could use that, couldn't you?
  • How your life will be made far easier when your kid starts learning how to handle more...and you're getting him in shape to live life!
  • How you can actually handle a kid who's treating you like crap.
  • How to handle a kid who ignores you.
  • How to feel better anytime you want, and how to teach your kid to be in control of this, too!
  • How to make fights and difficulties unecessary.
  • How you and your kid can treat each other well using good communication skills - without even becoming a whole different person.
  • How to set goals with your kids, teaching them how to really reach them.
  • Know what the truth is, when somebody wants to put your kid on drugs.
  • Why you may want to say "No" to someone putting your kid on drugs.
  • How you can handle some huge difficulties with kids by using different foods.
  • How to blow away some of the big troubles your kid may have in school.
  • How to handle it quickly and beautifully if your kid is driving you insane (the chain free method :).
  • How to be the most awesome parent in the universe.
  • You'll learn how to make your own life great at the same time!
  • How you can teach your kid to handle her troubles, instead of using drugs to cover them up.
  • What you can tell your kids about drugs so that they'll really never want to do them.

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